Michael Carrick Sends Incredible Tweet To David Silva

Manchester City's David Silva and Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola after the game.

Reuters / Carl Recine

Football, apart from its excitement and raw passion, is known to house warm and heart touching moments as well. Gestures seen on and off the pitch are a brilliant example of this. A similar thing was seen in a Michael Carrick tweet regarding David Silva.

The in-form Man City player missed two his club’s late December fixtures against Newcastle United and Crystal Palace. The Spaniard later revealed the reason to be a personal one.

He announced the birth of his son Mateo, who was unfortunately born “extremely preterm and is fighting day by day with the help of a medical team”.


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Pep Guardiola intimated to supporters that Silva was free to take as much time off as possible during the period. Speaking to BBC, the manager said: “David is free to stay or to leave whenever he needs to.

“He wants to stay and help us and because he loves to play for City, but family is the most important thing in life. I would never push him. If we drop points because he is not with us, so be it – family is everything and must come first.”

Another gesture of support came from Man United midfielder Michael Carrick, who tweeted out: “Some things are much more important than football. All the best to you and your family David, especially to your little man.”

The post was a show of class by the Red Devils’ captain, and a firm indication that rivals remain rivals only on the pitch, and that the great game unites all. Fans too, were happy at the tweet, and expressed their own feelings.

Needless to say, prayers and support for Silva will transcend club lines, and the footballing world will be eager for the child’s recovery.


Written by Naveen Kelvin  

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