Mourinho Absolutely Destroys Conte With His Comments After FA Cup Match

Jose Mourinho and Chelsea manager Antonio Conte at the end of the match.

Reuters / John Sibley

The cold war between Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte has been progressing at an ever so increasing rate since the Italian’s advent at Chelsea. The duo has been exchanging remarks about each other, but their latest comments were relatively peculiar.

The Portuguese previously made some comments referencing towards the lunatic celebrations on the touchline, to which Conte replied with wild assertions stating Mourinho was losing his mind and was suffering from dementia.

Nonetheless, the unshakeable United boss seems to have come up with a knockout blow, as he hauled up the ban handed to the Italian gaffer for not reporting match-rigging allegations whilst he was reigning at Siena in 2011.

Following the Red Devils’ 2-0 triumph over Derby County on Friday, the Portuguese tactician conceded he wishes to end the minor squabble he commenced by his comments regarding managers behaving like clowns.

The Special One proclaimed: “The only thing I have to say to end the story is that, yes, I have made mistakes in the past on the touchline. And, yes, I will make less in future. But I will still make a few.

“But what never happened to me — and will never happen — is to be suspended for match-fixing.”

When inquired whether he was referring to the ban handed to Conte for failing to report the match-fixing claims, the former Chelsea gaffer added: “Did he? Not me.”

Conte had spoken earlier about the demenza Mourinho suffered for ignoring his own antics, by stating: “I think he has to see himself in the past, maybe he was speaking about himself in the past, yeah? It is like ‘senile demenza’ when you can’t remember things.”

According to The Sun, Chelsea maintained that Conte was in search of a better English phrase which implied ‘amnesia’ rather than remarking regarding the counterpart’s mental state.

The Blues’ boss further added: “When you forgot what you say in the past, your behaviours, and when you totally forgot, you must be worried as it means you are becoming old and you need a check.

“You must pay great attention when you speak as if you want to go to fight with me, I am ready. I am improving a bit my English because this is the real problem for me, otherwise we can go to fight. I’m ready to fight for me, my players, the club, with everyone, I have no problem.”

The squabble doesn’t seem like it’s nearing its end any time soon. However, both gaffers agree on one thing; transcending Manchester City. The managerial duo shares the second and third spot of the table where they could still hope for the Championship title.


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