The Reason Behind Neymar’s Crazy Boot Celebration

REUTERS/Benoit Tessier

Paris Saint-Germain qualified for the semi-finals of the French Cup after beating Amiens 0-2 this week. But rather than the victory, it was Neymar Jr.’s bizarre celebration that caught the eyes of the viewers.

After giving his side the lead from a spot-kick early into the second half, the former Barcelona man proceeded to celebrate his goal by balancing one of his boots on his forehead, which raised many eyebrows.

Many conspired it was a publicity stunt performed by Neymar in order to promote Nike, the brand he endorses, due to the fact that he was often seen switching boots during his Barca days for no apparent reason.

Fans were quick to notice it was the result of some kind of agreement with the popular sport brand back then.

However, this time, the Brazil international has revealed that his ‘different’ kind of celebration was a tribute to his close friend Joao Celso Moraes, who’s party trick is to balance drinks over his head.

See the Brazilian trickster’s Instagram post giving insight to the incident:


Written by Ashish Sreejith  

Have had two addictions in life- playing football and watching football. Usually described as introverted but not when it comes to speaking and writing about the beautiful game of football.


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