WATCH: What Rashford Said To Lingard vs Stoke Is Hilarious

Marcus Rashford celebrates scoring goal with Jesse Lingard.

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The whole of the United Kingdom is known for its brutal and ridiculously fluctuating weather conditions, and it’s usually expected of native players and managers to be adapted to it.

But that’s hardly the case with Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford.

The Red Devils faced Stoke this week on a wet, cold evening at Old Trafford. Jose Mourinho’s side managed to emerge victorious rather comfortably, thanks to goals from Anthony Martial, Antonio Valencia, and a second half goal from main-man Romelu Lukaku.

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But the Portuguese tactician was still keen on bringing on attacking threat, as he substituted Jesse Lingard for Rashford late into the match, and this was where fans witnessed one of the funniest moments of the week.


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As Lingard was jogging off the pitch and heading to the bench, Rashford was definitely looking distressed. But it was when the starlet shouted “Hurry up, it’s f**king freezing!” to his fellow compatriot that viewers figured what the core of the issue was.

Watch the clip here:


As someone who was born and lived his whole life in England, it was strange of the United academy graduate to find the temperature hard to cope with.

However, considering his side’s training camp last week was in the toasty land of Dubai, the sudden discomfort is almost understandable, but hilarious nonetheless.

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