Best Twitter Reactions To Sanchez-Mkhitaryan Swap Deal

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger speaks with Alexis Sanchez as he sits injured.

Reuters / Stefan Wermuth

After an incredible turn of events starting nearly two weeks ago, one of the biggest transfer sagas of the season has come to an end.

Alexis Sanchez has successfully signed for Manchester United, with Henrikh Mkhitaryan heading to Arsenal in a clean swap deal that saw no money exchanged between the two clubs.

After it was clear that Manchester City had dropped out of the race, it was held in no doubt that United would swoop in successfully for the Chilean.

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But the factor of Mkhitaryan was a relatively late development, and it was made clear that no deal would go through without the Armenian heading to the Emirates.

As of such, the deal was considered to be done and assuredly dusted as early as Friday. But no official confirmation was given, nor were any solid words let out by the managements.

However, photographs of both talents in their destination camps went viral on social media, and it was speculated that delay in transferring work permits was the main cause for the hiatus.

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As a result, when the deal was finally announced on Monday evening, Twitter went berserk. Jokes were made over the drawing out of the announcements, and celebrations were rampant from both sides.

Let us have a look at some of the best ones:


It will take a while for the excitement to die down and for the actual football to speak louder. Mkhitaryan heads to Arsenal as a player eager to redeem himself, and Sanchez will have the hopes of numerous supporters on his shoulders to do justice to the illustrious no.7 jersey. This is bound to be splendid.

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