REVEALED: The Position Alexis Sanchez Would Prefer To Play In At United

Manchester United's Paul Pogba in action with Alexis Sanchez.

Reuters/Andrew Couldridge

Alexis Sanchez making the switch from Arsenal to Manchester United was the news of the week. With the excitement bound to continue till the Chilean steps foot on the pitch, the burning question is how and where he would function in his new team.

Experts and fans alike have speculated over the various styles and formations that Jose Mourinho can deploy him under. However, it would appear that he has made up his mind over where he’s going to be played, and it will be good news for supporters.

As per a Standard Sport report, the former Barcelona star has declared that he would play anywhere in a United jersey.

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The source quotes him as having said: “I really like to play down the left, through the middle… but to tell you the truth, as long as I’m playing football, I’ll fit in anywhere!”

He added over the kind of support he’d find at Old Trafford, by stating: “[Mourinho] indicated it is important for the club for me to be here.

“I also believe that the club itself cared about me joining, and I got the impression that they were keen for me to come here and wear the number seven shirt. I think that also gets through to the player. Players sometimes need to feel important and loved by the club.”

He also commented upon Mourinho: “That was one of the things that attracted me to come here, along with the manager, who is a person who won everything in Italy, the same as he did in Spain, and he’s a manager who likes to win.”

This will be a positive development for Jose, as the Portuguese boss won’t have to worry too much about shuffling the team about.

At the same time, it is highly unlikely that the highest paid player in the Premier League will be left on the bench either. As of such, someone or the other will have to make way for the Chilean from the regular starting lineup.


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