Neymar Upholds His Showboating As PSG Secure The French League Cup Finals

PSG’s Neymar celebrates.

REUTERS/Benoit Tessier

Paris Saint Germain secured a valuable victory against Rennes in Coupe de la Ligue.

The 3-2 victory further exhibited their current form, as they are now on the course to strengthening their grip on the French Ligue 1 title.

The Parisians are performing overwhelmingly well this campaign, conspicuous by the points they’ve managed to trap till now. They have seized 59 points out of a possible 69 from their opening 23 games.

Regardless, the victory against Roazhon Park outfit in the French Ligue Cup has guaranteed them a spot in the finals.

Notwithstanding the triumph, all media attention was seized by Neymar, regardless of the fact that he couldn’t make it up to the scoresheet. With a ludicrous showboating, the big-budget superstar managed to leave behind an impression on the Cup tie.

The former Barca attacker controlled the ball with his back and scooped the ball above an opposition player, completely leaving the Rennes man humiliated.

The supporters undoubtedly took it to social media, as they jammed Twitter with reactions regarding the Brazilian’s showboating performance.

Although some of them loved the way the 25-year-old is taking the p*ss out of the players in France, most were merely stating the star’s lack of respect for people, and that he was indubitably deficient in sportsmanship.

Nevertheless, disregarding the self-indulgent acts the talisman commits, he is at the moment, on top of the pecking order, and the defenders are finding it arduous to grapple with the Brazil international for the ball.


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