Revealed: This One United Player Stopped Ronaldo From Returning To Manchester

REUTERS/Javier Barbancho

Having been accused of defrauding tax authorities on one hand, Cristiano Ronaldo evidently spent a rather wretched spell at Bernabeu last year. A few reports even stated the superstar sought an exit from the Spanish club, which poked the officials of Manchester United.

The Real Madrid talisman notably spent a fruitful spell at Old Trafford before embarking on his Spanish journey, which could facilitate his move back to England.

However, this dream return to the Mancunian club has failed to materialise time and again in the multiple transfer windows that have passed, including the 2017 summer window.

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According to Manchester Evening News, the Red Devils left the Portuguese in the lurch last year primarily owing to the fact that they were worried they’d miss out on the opportunity to secure their chief transfer target, Romelu Lukaku.


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With their arch-rivals Chelsea equally interested in the Belgian striker, Jose Mourinho preferred to get his hands on the young talent as soon as possible back then.

The Portuguese tactician wasn’t too interested in getting involved in the laborious struggle to recapture Ronaldo, as he was completely aware that the odds of a move actually materialising were low enough to be left disregarded.

Accordingly, Jose solely focused on snatching the 24-year-old from Everton, in which he succeeded without much of a struggle.

Furthermore, the talented forward is exhibiting praiseworthy performances since his debut at Old Trafford. He will continue contributing for the English giants for the long term, on grounds that his current agreed contract remains intact until 2022.

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