Everyone Is Talking About What Ronaldo Did With Benzema

Cristiano Ronaldo looks dejected after missing a chance to score.

REUTERS/Sergio Perez

A lot is said about the characters of players, especially when they are popular and can be divisive figures. This is especially true in the case of Cristiano Ronaldo, with his on-field antics over the years leading him to be branded as all kinds of things both good and bad.

A common trait attributed to him and his style of play is that of being selfish. However, an incident that occurred on Saturday seems to point otherwise.

Real Madrid faced Alaves on Saturday in an encounter that saw Los Blancos win with a resounding scoreline of 4-0. A brace from Ronaldo and goals from Bale and Benzema saw the match through quite comfortably.


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However, the day could have ended with Ronaldo having another hat-trick to his name, but that didn’t occur.

In the 89th minute of the game, Madrid got a penalty, and Ronaldo could have very much taken it, as is the norm for players on a hat-trick. But instead, the Portuguese star let Benzema take the spot kick.

Twitter stormed to address this benevolent act of his, and many lauded it as a selfless one – a clear rebuttal to those that thought otherwise.

However, in the same era where the likes of Neymar gets involved in open spars with his teammates over penalty kicks, such a gesture is surely a remarkable and nice one.


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