How Conte Reacted When Mourinho Smiled At Him During United vs Chelsea

Jose Mourinho and Chelsea manager Antonio Conte at the end of the match.

Reuters / John Sibley

Ahead of Manchester United and Chelsea battling it out at Old Trafford, what supporters were more eager to see was how the two managers would behave towards each other.

In the weeks leading up to the game, the words publicly exchanged between Antonio Conte and Jose Mourinho haven’t exactly been parliamentary in nature, with a heated rivalry constantly being rekindled between the two, and the media everready to hype it even further.

Thus, when the two actually met on Sunday, what transpired left several surprised.

It would appear that they left their respective squabbles behind, and even appeared to be in a jolly mood. Apart from sharing a warm ceremonial handshake before the match, the gaffers showed positive symbols during the game.

The most obvious instance of this arrived in the 18th minute, when the duo seemed to be chuckling over a shared joke.


Smiling at each other would have been considered totally off the table when one looks at the history of rebuttals that have passed in between, but it appears that the joy of football has united the two for the time being.

But what is left to be seen is whether the rapport will last after the result of the game. Will the two leave their past behind, or is this just a mere break in one of the game’s most heated rivalries off the pitch?


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