WHAT! Absurd Fellaini Photo Breaks The Internet

Reuters/Andrew Couldridge

Marouane Fellaini has always been a player who, apart from his midfield prowess, has garnered much acclaim for his hairdo. The iconic afro has seen a lot, including a memorable stint with the blonde dye from a few seasons ago.

However, the Belgian international’s next big hairstyle choice might just have topped all lists for quite a while, and needless to say, the internet didn’t disappoint.

In an Instagram post, the United star boldly displayed his new hairdo, which might have taken one or two inspirations from the world’s most beloved mouse.

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Featured in the GQ magazine’s #hairgoals section, the Red Devil’s hairstyle confounded several supporters. Their disbelief was vocally vented out on Twitter, and the reactions were simply priceless.


Inspired by mickey-mouse, the look certainly captures both the age’s craze for fashion, and Disney’s penchant for looking for inspiration from anywhere and everywhere.


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The memes are bound to flow, and this sight, in particular, is certain to be around for quite a while. While the 30-year-old is only just back from injury and faces an uncertain future at Old Trafford, his most iconic feature seems to have only just entered a canvas of infinite possibilities.

It is highly improbable that the questionable look will make an appearance in any of United’s upcoming fixtures, but it goes without saying that a few hopeful fans will certainly be on the lookout.


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