Club Confirms ‘Midfielder Will Go To Manchester City Or Manchester United’

Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola before the match.

Reuters / Darren Staples

After this winter’s Alexis Sanchez saga, it is certain to say that no deal must be considered done till the contract has been penned and the new jersey is held aloft.

However, it would appear that Manchester United haven’t had their fill of swooping on Manchester City’s targets, and while they may trail behind in points, their financial weight could very well ensure a long-term Skyblues’ target could end up at Old Trafford instead.

Shakhtar Donetsk’s midfield maestro Fred has been on City’s radar for quite a while now.

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Prior to his side’s Champions League clash with Roma, the Brazilian starlet revealed (via Sports Witness) Manchester City’s interest in him in the winter window, and how his inability to play in the Champions League due to being cup-tied was the only reason why he wasn’t a Cityzen already.


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However, in the same quote, he also added that he wasn’t obsessed with a move to City, and that he would be “happy to play for the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea or Arsenal if they came along.”

At just 25 years of age, the midfielder has already attracted much attention by virtue of his abilities.

Now, Sergei Palkin, the CEO of the Ukrainian outfit, in an interview with Corriere dello Sport on Tuesday, dropped a massive update on the situation.


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“Fred isn’t already at Manchester City, but he will surely leave in June. If not to City, then Manchester United. He’s ready for the next stage because as well as being good, he’s also very professional. If he asked us to stay another year, we’d let him,” Palkin revealed.

This could very well mean that Jose Mourinho and company will have yet another opportunity to embarrass their noisy neighbors on the transfer front.

However, with a surplus of talent at United, it will be interesting to see how this potential transfer will play out in the summer.

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