Something Brilliant Happened Between Mourinho And Swansea Manager After Full-Time

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho.

Reuters/Tony O’Brien

These days, few sights fail to astonish the general public when it comes to football, and yet, just when one thinks they’ve seen everything, something new graces the pitch.

This time around, an interesting spectacle was to be seen off the pitch, as Jose Mourinho and Swansea manager Carlos Carvalhal shared a table during the post-match press conference.

Manchester United were able to defeat the visitors to a 2-0 scoreline, courtesy of memorable first-half goals from Romelu Lukaku and Alexis Sanchez.

However, as per Manchester Evening News, something interesting occurred behind the scenes that led to the Swansea manager joining Mourinho.

Carvalhal had brought cakes, and was distributing them to reporters before the match, but happened to open the door to the Old Trafford press conference right when Mourinho was in the middle of his talk.


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Stopping in the middle of analyzing Sanchez’s performance, Mourinho urged his compatriot to distribute the cakes to the media and then invited Carvalhal to join him.

“After 60 minutes he was on his way down but important to score-”. It was then that he saw him and continued: “Come on, come on, give cakes to the guys. Come. Come on, let’s finish here. He has to go.”

“The first half was perfect,” Mourinho said. “Maybe one more goal and game over. The first half [was] probably one of the best we played here. The second half was different. I think, first of all, credit to Carlos because he improved the team at half-time.


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“But I think we let it go a bit, probably [because] six or seven players played international football midweek. I could feel the intensity went down. We let them have the ball, we didn’t press so high.”

Carvalhal had this to say: “I think Manchester United deserved the win. It is so clear than Manchester United started to play very strong with high intensity.”

A warm gesture from Mourinho, departing from his erstwhile reputation towards fellow managers.


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