‘Mortified’ Ander Herrera Responds To ‘Spitting On City Logo’ Claims

REUTERS/Russell Cheyne

Manchester City fans were hoping to celebrate on Saturday, particularly after their side went two goals up early in the first half. However, Manchester United were the ones to have the last laugh, as they came from behind and secured a brilliant 3-2 win.

Needless to say, the Sky Blues were gutted at how things turned out. However, no level of feeling bad would account for what the club seems to be implying regarding the action of one United player.

Footage emerged of Ander Herrera, wherein the Spaniard appears to be spitting on the City crest on his way back to the dugout during half-time.

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Representatives of City have taken offense to the alleged act, which they claim to be intentional, and have branded as “disrespectful and immature.” Claims that the club will put in a formal complaint regarding the incident have also been doing the rounds.


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In response to the allegation, Herrera is reportedly “mortified”.

A United spokesperson further added to the midfielder’s stance, stating: “Ander has seen the footage of the incident and is mortified at any suggestion that his actions were deliberate. It was entirely accidental and there was no intent whatsoever.”

A look at what the Spaniard revealed about the side’s half-time talk makes the incident seem all the more improbable: “At half-time, we just talked about the pride, about the club, this club you can never underestimate it.

“We didn’t talk too much about tactics, just about our pride. Our pride on the pitch and that our fans were going to have a difficult night if we got beaten. We did it for them, and of course for us and our position, but overall for them.”

Despite how things may look, it certainly is unlikely that a person who talks about a club’s pride would intentionally hurt that of another club off the pitch.

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