Oops! Sanchez Accidentally Leaks Manchester United’s Home Kit For Next Season

REUTERS/David Klein

It is the nature of man to err and it is certainly the habit of celebrities to err where it matters the most.

Leaks are increasingly common, and even expected in the closely-knit world of social media that encompasses the players that shape the great game.

While in some cases, it takes eagle-eyed fans to notice something that is yet to be officially confirmed, be it the nature of an impending transfer or a future plan, in some cases, it is the players themselves that intentionally fall victim to these leaks.

Now, it seems that Alexis Sanchez will have a hard time of explanation awaiting him after his recent social media actions.

In his recent Instagram story and posts, the Chilean superstar showcases a picturesque view of Old Trafford during what appears to be a promotional shoot.


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However, in the process of panning the camera, the prolific forward’s shooting team might have revealed a tad bit more than what was intended.

The sight shows the player wearing what is presumably the 2018/19 home kit of the Red Devils.


The distinctive difference that was caught in the clip is the fact that the color of the home shorts is black and not the familiar white that stalwarts of the club have donned for years, as well as a new strip that has been in the talks for quite a while now.


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In fact, if the likely reports and this sighting is true, it will be the first time in the history of the club that the change of shorts for home games will have occurred.

Further, as per Footy Headlines, the move for a different color scheme is on part of Manchester United wishing to prepare a new red and black kit inspired by the ‘railway men who formed the club’.

In another Sanchez post, the color of his socks with a black and red gradient indicates the same difference. The promotional shoot is certainly telling that the club plans on going big with the massive change quite soon. Jumped the gun, Sanchez?

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