Twitter Is Ruthlessly Trolling Tottenham For Their Bizarre Decision

Tottenham's Dele Alli, Christian Eriksen and Fernando Llorente celebrate after the match.

Reuters/Paul Childs

“The full-time whistle has been blown and the match has come to an end, what a show from both sides”- some variation or the other of these words are generally uttered by commentators when it comes to signing off a match.

However, modern football, with its undertones of red taping and bureaucracy, doesn’t always let things stay as they do at the end of the game.

Apart from potentially suspending players for misconducts and reviewing suspensions, a lot more can be done to change certain outcomes after the game. Now, Tottenham’s decision to appeal for one such change has left Twitter in an uproar.

Spurs faced off against Stoke City in their most recent Premier League encounter, and the end result was a 2-1 win for the Londoners courtesy of a brace from Christian Eriksen. Things ought to have finished there, but Spurs decided to do an absurd thing.


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The second goal of the night had allegedly touched Harry Kane’s shoulder before going in, and the player himself has confirmed it. In view of this, the club has appealed to the Premier League on his behalf to award the goal to him instead.

This is obviously in view of the fact that the Englishman is struggling a bit in the race for the golden boot this season, despite having secured it quite comfortably on the previous occasions.

This time around, the phenomenal showing of Mo Salah has ensured that at the time of writing this article, Kane was still a good 5 goals off the mark.

As you would expect it, the absurd decision wasn’t let off the hook that easily, and football fans on Twitter didn’t hold back in their trolling of the incident.

The comments, presumably from supporters of rival clubs, hit the perfect mark on several cases, some even reckoning that the club’s insistence at increasing the tally is merely to milk more money when Real Madrid eventually come knocking for his signature.

Regardless, acts like this appear to be a gross deformation of the game we all love and cherish.


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