Juan Mata Has Proved He Is The Nicest Man In Football By Doing THIS

Reuters / Jason Cairnduff

Juan Mata is a rare breed of footballer, the type that is dying out with all the riches of modern sport being handed to players at such a young age.

The attractions of social media and the life of a showman who has been given too much too soon, these often get into the heads of today’s generation of stars, and they rarely think about anything but themselves.

That is why players like Mata are so important, to inspire a resurgence of the sense of humility in the modern day footballer.

The little Spaniard is a class act on the pitch, but is an absolute gem of a person off it, regularly contributing to charities and never straying away from helping people in need.

His ‘Common Goal’ initiative has spread a positive message around football, and numerous players around the world are still signing up to donate one percent of their salaries to a global charity providing help to the disadvantaged children.

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In a new story reported by Daily Mail, Mata has now made it a priority to help the kit room staff unload the dirty laundry, clean boots and other clothing after away games.


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A source at the club said: ‘Juan is a special guy – he has started to help the kit man and his staff over the last couple of months. It sums up what kind of person he is.

‘While his team-mates just jump into their flashy motors and zoom off after being dropped off back after away games, Juan has taken it on himself to stay behind and give a helping hand to the ordinary staff.

‘It’s a huge job to unload all the gear off the coach and takes a good while. People have been saying what a great gesture it is but to be honest it’s just typical of the man – we are saying he has to be the nicest man in football!’

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