This Is Why Mourinho Starts Alexis Sanchez Over Anthony Martial

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Manchester United were able to defeat Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday to qualify for the finals of the FA Cup.

It will be very important for Jose Mourinho that he is able to lift at least that piece of silverware in order to have something to show for in an otherwise lackluster campaign, whose only betterment comes in terms of league points.

Chief in this will be to make sense of the wage and transfer bills that he brings into the club, and will be hoping to increase going into the summer transfer window. And yet, this match was able to prove one fact that would make sense of their prized winter arrival, Alexis Sanchez.

The Chilean has met with a mixed response to his life at Old Trafford, with many reckoning his lack of concrete goals and assists to be a waste of his wages.

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But one aspect that fans were adamant about picking was how the player effectively usurped Anthony Martial’s position in the starting lineup, dominating the left attacking flank.

This has led to reports claiming Martial is very unhappy, and will seek an exit from the club as a result. This doesn’t exactly aid Sanchez’s popularity.


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However, in his showing against Tottenham, one is provided with a clear proof as to why he gets the pick over Martial week in and week out. The work rate and sheer determination with which the former Arsenal and Barcelona forward plays is incredible.

Against Spurs, he was the apt conduit in ensuring the play was constantly aimed at attacking the opposite side and breaking through into their ploys.

Martial, despite his many talents, has simply not been able to replicate that kind of technical ability and sheer desire with which Sanchez functioned on Saturday.

Mourinho is smart in his choice, and this will not bode well for Martial, who is without doubt a great a player, but not as good as Sanchez at his peak just yet. Have a doubt about this? Rewatch the highlight reel of the FA Cup semi-final.


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