What Mourinho Said To McTominay After The Youngster Arrived In Man Utd’s First Team

Reuters/Jason Cairnduff

Scott McTominay has heaped praise onto Jose Mourinho, revealing how advice from the Man Utd boss has helped him seamlessly fit into the Red Devils’ first team.

This time last year, McTominay was a relatively unknown commodity who was put on the bench for the club’s blockbuster clash against Arsenal.

However, after being given a number of chances to shine this season, the youngster is now an important part of the squad, and has a very realistic chance of playing a part in the game on Sunday.

It can be very difficult for youngsters coming through the academy in the modern game, having to find their place amongst a number of superstar players in the squad. They can often feel out of place or find it difficult to fit in.

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But thanks to advice from Mourinho, McTominay has become a much loved member of the first team group, and is enjoying the trust his manager is putting in him.

“Jose Mourinho has been absolutely incredible to me this year,” McTominay said at the Aon Training Complex.


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“He’s helped me so much in terms of what I can do, from being more humble, to being better on the training pitch and just being a better person in general.

“When I first came into the group he said ‘the players have to like you’ and it’s one of the most important things going into a new dressing room, that you are a likeable person and you get on with everybody. That has stood me in good stead.

“It’s important to be liked and on the pitch. It’s the manager having the faith to play me that’s been incredible and I can’t thank him enough.

“To be selected to go on the tour was a really good achievement for me. There were some really good games that I got involved with. I came on against Real Madrid and obviously as a young kid to play against Real Madrid was incredible.”

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