WATCH: What ‘The Godfather’ Dimitar Berbatov Is Doing

REUTERS/Alexandros Avramidis

There are a number of varying characters you tend to see amongst football’s elite players; the bad boys and the saints, the classless and the classy.

If there ever were a player to personify the word classy, there is only one man who lives and breathes it to its very essence – Dimitar Berbatov.

The former Man Utd star is admired for the way he carries himself on and off the pitch, and many fans over the years have likened him to the legendary movie character ‘The Godfather’.

Berbatov famously learnt the English language from watching the trilogy, and he fittingly grew up to be a person much like the main character of the movies.

As much as he looked the part, his acting skills were never really put to the test, and fans never expected that he would take a step into the film industry – until now.

The trailer for upcoming Bulgarian Revolution X: The Movie has been released, and it has left fans with their tongues wagging, as the famous striker starred in it and showed glimpses of a talent that has relatively been hidden until now.

Berbatov has hinted at a possible acting career before, and his recreation of a famous scene from The Godfather last year sent social media wild as he showed remarkable promise in the 2 minute video.

Now, he has his first shot at a big film, and could potentially look to take up a career in acting once his days in football are done. Whether they understand Bulgarian or not, a majority of football fans will definitely be desperate to see what Berba has to offer.

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