What Mark Noble Tweeted After Clashing With Paul Pogba

REUTERS/David Klein

West Ham and Man United faced off on Thursday in what was a dull 0-0 draw during both side’s penultimate league clash for the season.

The game was a masterclass in boring football, as none of the sides were able to provide much entertainment. Perhaps the reason behind it was that they really had nothing big to play for.

West Ham had secured safety last week itself, while the Red Devils needed merely one point to secure a second spot finish, focusing more on the FA Cup final awaiting them.

In fact, such was the nature of the game that the most exciting moment arrived late into the second half, when Mark Noble and Paul Pogba went at it akin to wrestlers.

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The brawl was a result of a foul which involved Noble going at Pogba’s face while the Frenchman just responded with an angry bear hug.

The face-off culminated in nearly every player on the pitch coming together to separate the duo, and it all occurred in front of the referee itself.


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In fact, as replays rolled out, fans were adamant that the yellow card shown to Noble wasn’t enough punishment for the aggressive act. But the question remains whether the rivalry will continue, and the Englishman’s latest tweet may have an answer.


It is well and good that no one got hurt in the encounter, as tensions certainly seemed quite high.

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