Arsenal Ready To Sell Midfielder, Chelsea Interested

Reuters/Matthew Childs

Arsenal may be learning from past mistakes. Much of the club’s transfer related woes from the past few seasons have been a result of expiring contracts.

The stalling of Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil resulted in numerous rumors, and on several occasions, the uncertainty even stalled Arsenal’s own efforts to sign replacements.

In the end, Sanchez ended up leaving, and Ozil was able to barter a bumper contract for himself at the expense of the club.

Now, with the transfer window drawing closer and another top-rated player set to enter his final year on contract, Arsenal have measures in place.

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As per The Sun, Arsenal will sell Aaron Ramsey if the 27-year-old refuses to sign a new contract before the start of next season.

Ramsey has had a good run of games with Arsenal this past season, having scored 11 goals and creating 9 more.


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However, the Welshman is not satisfied with the £100,000 a week he currently pockets with the London side, and wishes to join the wage ranks of new contract holders Ozil, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, and Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

The reported stalled negotiations so far are akin to what Arsenal have faced over the past seasons, and the club doesn’t wish to make a dent in their wage bill over renewals.

The midfielder is rated at about £40 million, and reports suggest that Chelsea, United, and Juventus are all interested in signing him should the opportunity arise.

While this alleged interest can be used as a bargaining chip by Ramsey, it certainly seems that the club won’t have any of it. Arsenal will certainly benefit from any sale, as they are reported to have a small budget for their new manager.

An exit won’t hurt his prospects either, as all of the interested names would be more than willing to meet his demands. After over 300 games for the club and some memorable goals, will his career as a Gunner finally kick the bucket this summer?

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