What Happened Between Sanchez And Pogba During FA Cup Final

Alexis Sanchez is substituted off as Paul Pogba looks on.

Reuters/Lee Smith

Manchester United tasted defeat at the hands of Chelsea at Wembley, ensuring that the London side secured the FA Cup title a year after losing a final. The 1-0 scoreline came courtesy of an Eden Hazard penalty after the Belgian was fouled by Phil Jones inside the box.

This means Manchester United have had a title-less season – coming second to Manchester City in the Premier League by quite a margin, being eliminated by Sevilla in the Champions League, and now suffering to Chelsea in the FA Cup.

The players put up a really sub-par performance, unbecoming of a side that aspired to be one of Europe’s finest. In fact, such was their plight, that United’s own players may have had a disagreement about the quality of play.

After being 1-0 down for most of the game, United badly needed a show of unity to derive anything from the dying minutes. But to the contrary, Alexis Sanchez and Paul Pogba were caught in a fight of their own.


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After the Chilean goofed up the timing and release of a crucial pass, Pogba decided to take matters into his own hands and shouted at Sanchez.

This was not taken too lightly by the forward and a war of words emerged between the duo, right there on the pitch, for the whole world to see.

Twitter took great notice of this and the response was equal measures hilarious and frustrating. Most of them pointed out how this is not new behavior on part of Sanchez, and how much of his Arsenal career, particularly in the final weeks, saw just how unsuited the 29-year-old was for team play.

Clearly, he is not used to being shouted at for making a mistake, and should this behavior continue, United could have something major to worry about with regard to team chemistry.

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