Alexis Sanchez Explains Why He’s Struggling At Manchester United

Manchester United's Alexis Sanchez reacts.

REUTERS/Andrew Yates

Alexis Sanchez hasn’t been the signing Manchester United expected him to be. Since the winter purchase, the Chilean has scored a mere 3 goals and hasn’t proven to be the match-winner that United desperately needed.

For much of the games he played, there was a clear lack of intent in his style of play and he didn’t seem to hit off quite well with his teammates.

This seemed painfully obvious during Saturday’s FA Cup defeat to Chelsea, when he and Pogba were involved in a visible fallout regarding a poor pass on part of the former Gunner.

With the kind of wages he makes every week, this can prove to be a big concern, and Sanchez himself has opened up about it.

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Speaking to the Guardian, the 29-year-old revealed: “I think that in every game I’ve played in I’ve maybe found it hard to adapt to the style of play and I’ve been getting to know my team-mates.”

He cited his former clubs as well, going on to add: “I also had some great players alongside me at Barcelona, some highly experienced guys who had great quality. I think that United are not too dissimilar as a club to them in their size and stature.


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“However, we still have areas where we can improve, and we can do this day-to-day and a game-to-game basis. I believe we need to improve in all aspects.”

That is definitely a valid point. It is clear that Jose Mourinho hasn’t found a way in which to best bring out the attacking talent that United have at their disposal.

Despite his flaws, there seems to be no doubt that United aren’t playing Sanchez in a manner that best suits him and his abilities.

At Arsenal, he was able to wreak havoc when the style suited him, and should United fail to figure out a system around him, the swap deal could end up becoming an expensive mistake.

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