Everyone Is Talking About What Ronaldo Did Before The Morocco Game

REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov

This may just prove to be Cristiano Ronaldo’s World Cup. After his decisive hattrick against Spain, the Portuguese superstar was already raising expectations that the biggest prize of them all may finally be his.

This wave was ridden even further on Wednesday, when the 33-year-old scored the sole goal in his nation’s 1-0 victory against Morocco, climbing to the top of Group B for the time being.

The game wasn’t one-sided, as Morocco were earnest in possession and attacking runs, but simply couldn’t translate them onto the scoreline.

The goal ensured that he became the second-leading international goalscorer of all time, with only Iranian Ali Daei’s 109 goal-tally ahead of him. However, what has caught supporter’s eyes beyond this tally is also quite interesting.

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Of all the things that have been grabbing attention during the World Cup, a simple detail of an epic rivalry may be of the most interest.


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Ronaldo and Messi’s fight to establish themselves as the one true Greatest Of All Time (aka GOAT) took an extra step up when the Argentine striker did a photoshoot with an actual goat.

Now, perhaps Ronaldo too, is sending subliminal messages of his own with the goatee he has grown, and the goal celebration of pulling at imaginary goat whiskers.


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This is through a celebration that he did against Spain and may repeat throughout this tournament.

The facial growth may just be the beginning, and it will be interesting to see whether something else will also pop up in the days to come, or perhaps Messi’s misfortune at the international stage potentially continuing will put to bed this subplot for the time being.