Crazy Reactions To France Winning The World Cup

REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach

The Frenchmen have done it, and after 20 long years, the World Cup is theirs for the taking yet again! The scoreline ended 4-2 in an electric final encounter against Croatia.

An own goal from Mario Mandzukic set France’s hopes rolling before Croatia equalized with a stunning effort from Perisic.

However, the first-half had more drama to hold, as a VAR decision from the referee ensured that Antoine Griezmann was able to fire away a penalty to give France the lead.

A World Cup final that the world will never forget, as the second half had Paul Pogba and teenage sensation Kylian Mbappe give France the assured goals to ensure a victory.

But it wasn’t all over, as finals have been tricky for goalkeepers as of late, and Hugo Lloris’s mistake ensured that Mandzukic was able to find a goal in the right net for a change. But it was too little too late at the end for Croatia, and football’s finest prize went France’s way.

Here’s how Twitter responded to the absolutely thrilling game.

Memorable moments adorned the past month, and the world truly came closer as a result of the great game. Class, talent, and beauty all presented themselves splendidly, and France have won it all in the end.

A brilliant period of football, and honestly amongst the finest World Cups of this generation, if not the best. What have you got to offer in 2022, Qatar?