An Inside Source Reveals What Man United Players Think About Mourinho’s Future

REUTERS/Andrew Yates

You wouldn’t want to be Jose Mourinho after Manchester United suffered back-to-back losses to Brighton and Tottenham in the Premier League, the first a dreadful 3-2 showing and the latest being a surprising 3-0 loss at home.

Sitting ominously in the 13th spot with 3 points after 3 games, questions are already being raised regarding the future of Jose Mourinho at Old Trafford.

While this season is certainly too young to write the manager and his tactics off, murmurs are reported to be going around, and the latest ones don’t bode well for the Portuguese gaffer.

As per the Daily Mail, a Manchester United source has reportedly stated: “They are saying Jose will be gone soon. Some think he’ll be out if they lose at Burnley. Others can’t see him lasting beyond September.”

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The source goes on to add: “We’ve seen this before and it just feels the same. The club will say it’s supporting Jose but we all saw what happened with Louis. The players are already talking about the possibility of Zidane coming in.”


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If the source does hold true, then it is certainly strange behavior from the players and staff. Mourinho will, without a doubt, attribute the team’s poor performance due to him not getting the defensive reinforcements he required in the summer.

Many fans too, have been echoing this sentiment, and if anything, it is Ed Woodward who ought to have been worrying about his future.


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Mourinho is still penned to Old Trafford till 2020, the new terms being signed just last year, and has a massive pay with the club.

As of such, him demanding respect for his record in the Premier League during the post-match conference on Monday also makes sense. Incidentally, that event saw him walk out.

What does the future hold for the illustrious manager in his hallowed third year in charge?