What Ryan Giggs Said About Jose Mourinho Amid Sacking Reports

Ryan Giggs (R) listens to Jose Mourinho.

REUTERS/Phil Noble

News has been rife in the past few hours regarding the probable sacking of Jose Mourinho.

The defeat to Spurs on Monday seems to have really dampened spirits all around Manchester United, and reports have now suggested that even players feel that Mourinho could face a sacking soon.

The modern nature of the game has made sackings after a run of poor games a real worry that managers have to remain in terror of, particularly at a destination like Manchester United, where image is key.

However, what Ryan Giggs had to say about the issue makes incredible sense.


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The club legend stated on Monday’s defeat: “I was there on Monday as a United fan. It’s time for the fans to stick together, to get behind the club, the team and the manager and the coaching staff. That’s me purely speaking as a fan. It’s a tough time at the moment but we’ve had tough times before and come through them.”

The Welshman also came out in support of Mourinho, by saying: “So it’s a fantastic game to get rid of all that negativity around the club. I hope we come through it sooner rather than later and I’m sure we will in the next game.”


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At the same time, Giggs also made a valid point: “The good thing about football is that you always have the next game. The rest is just noise. United are a fantastic club with a fantastic manager. The club are going through a tough time but I don’t see where they go after Mourinho.”

This is an issue of great concern for the club, and the likes of Gary Neville opine that the Red Devils should stick with Mourinho till the end of his contract.

The simple truth also dictates that yet another sacking and the introduction of another philosophy will simply reset the club to 2013.