John Terry Explains How Paul Pogba Can Succeed Under Jose Mourinho

Reuters / Eddie Keogh

It is said that we learn from history in order to best guide our future. This is the reason why advice from mentor figures and experts are invaluable.

Now, Paul Pogba, whose uncertainty at Manchester United stems from a tense relationship with manager Jose Mourinho, could certainly use some worthwhile advice on how to deal with the Portuguese gaffer.

This could come from an unlikely source in the form of John Terry. The former Chelsea and England defender was one of the many stars to have functioned under Mourinho, and he had choice words for the gaffer’s tactics.

Terry revealed to the Daily Mail: “He embarrassed me after one pre-season, after we had won a league title. He stopped the training session, came in, threw down his pad. ‘If you keep giving the ball away, I will go and buy someone for £50 million.’

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“I am thinking, ‘I played every game for you last season! And now you’re trying to humiliate me!’ I didn’t understand why he was doing that, but my instinct was to run and give everything; flying into tackles, winning the ball.”


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Terry then states the genius behind Mourinho’s antics: “We made eye contact and he grinned. He knew exactly what he was doing — to get the best out of all of us.

“I have seen him do the same to Frank Lampard, Didier Drogba, Ashley Cole, Michael Ballack. Big personalities in the dressing room.”


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He then went on to outline what the likes of Pogba could do to win Mourinho’s favor: “Does he have the same now at United?

“You have to stand up and turn up at training every day and show him that you want to win at all costs. If you’ve got that, he’s 100 percent your side.”

Will Pogba catch wind and pay heed to this advice, or is a departure imminent?