EA Sports Release Top FIFA 19 Ratings: Rank 60-41

REUTERS/Albert Gea

FIFA 19 is all set to be released on September 28, and those football fans who simply can’t have enough of merely watching the game week in and week out will be eager for the latest edition of the game.

While massive improvements have been made over the years and each edition brings in more changes to ensure the overall experience is top-notch, often what makes the headlines for it is not a bug fixed or a subtle feature introduced.

What fans are instead on the lookout for are the ratings that their favorite talents are assigned each year, and EA has clearly caught wind of it, as they reveal the player cards in batches.

Now, the latest run of ratings, scaling from the top 60 to 41. has been released.


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The list is quite predictably the most exciting one yet, and reflects quite decently on the skill-set of the players included, in most cases. The likes of Sadio Mane, Ivan Perisic and Raphael Varane just made it into the run, with an overall rating of 86 being the cut-off, while the list boasts of ratings as high as 88.

That top honor, coming in at 41, was bagged by PSG’s Thiago Silva, with his teammate-cum-wonderkid Kylian Mbappe close behind with a rating of 87.

The likes of Gerard Pique and Ivan Rakitic stamped in Barcelona’s presence, while Romelu Lukaku followed close, being joined only by Alexis Sanchez as a co-representative of Manchester United.

The Catalan giants were really all over this list, with the prior mentioned names being joined by Samuel Umtiti and Jordi Alba as well.

Of course, this list is a mere tease to what is yet to come, with quite a few top-rated stars from the real world yet to have been assigned their numbers. When will the next batch drop?