How Paul Pogba Reacted After Rudiger’s Goal Was Astounding

REUTERS/Phil Noble

Manchester United locked horns with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Saturday, and the Red Devils certainly tried their best to make the Blues bleed.

The final result stood 2-2, with both teams mounting their respective comebacks at the Bridge. However, it all started with a resounding header from Antonio Rudiger, which secured the Blues a hopeful 1-0 lead in the 21st minute itself.

The returning German defender was ecstatic at having given the lead to Maurizio Sarri’s side, and the effect was out there to be seen. However, one reaction that would certainly raise eyebrows is that of Paul Pogba’s.

The goal came as a direct mistake from the French midfielder, who ought to have been marking the German. However, the presence of Victor Lindelof, who was instead marking David Luiz, ensured Pogba was beyond bounds when Rudiger headed in United’s first-half woe.

The Frenchman’s reaction marked the frustration quite well, as he jumped on the spot before sinking to his knees in disbelief. That wasn’t the end of Pogba’s theatrics either, as he then went on to plant the blame on his Swedish teammate, a heated discussion ensuing.

However, for once, Lindelof wasn’t at fault, and it was the lack of presence of mind on part of Pogba that instead lead to the error.

Gary Neville felt as much, as he weighed in: “He [Pogba] was sleeping, but his reaction was interesting, who is he blaming? He’s having a go at Lindelof saying ‘you blocked me’. Sorry Paul, he didn’t he was marking David Luiz.”


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In contrast, a technically more sound and prominent Pogba came on during the second-half. His performance proved Scholes’ apt quote about him even further: “He does some of the best things in games and then five minutes later he’ll do one of the worst things, like his brain has switched off.”

All in all, United were strongly overpowered by the Blues in the first half, possession being dominated, and the Sarri ball trumping Mourinho’s bus.

Their second-half response via Martial’s first goal was their first sustained effort in the game, while his second marked two completely different halves in London, despite the final score reading 2-2.