What Happened Between Mourinho And Sarri’s Assistant

REUTERS/Dylan Martinez

When Manchester United entered stoppage time at Stamford Bridge, Jose Mourinho was in a jovial mood, as the Red Devils seemed quite secure in their 2-1 lead, and things seemed unlikely to change even in the face of six minutes of added time.

However, the joint-Premier League leaders proved their metal quite well when Ross Barkley’s header in the final minute rescued one point for the hosts.

But that wasn’t the only point of drama, as Chelsea’s staff celebrated in front of Mourinho, angering the Portuguese gaffer and trickling down a brawl that went all the way onto the pitch.

At the end of it, well over 98 minutes were on the clock, and that brawl immediately became the main talking point of the game.

What had reportedly occurred was that Chelsea’s second assistant coach, Marco Ianni, celebrated quite disrespectfully right in front of Mourinho, going as far as to punch the air. This didn’t sit well with Jose, who then chased Ianni to the tunnel, sparking a brawl.

The entire encounter was a disgraceful display from the Blues’ backroom staff, to say the least. To add to the woe, Chelsea fans didn’t let Mourinho rest even then, chanting “Fuck off, Mourinho” as the United boss walked off.

However, Mourinho is not one to remain quiet in the face of an insult, and he aptly responded in a way only he could.

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Three fingers raised to the crowd, Mourinho reminded Stamford Bridge of how he engineered the side’s mark of dominance in the 21st century – the three Premier League titles still an unmatched feat for any gaffer at the London outfit.

The Special One has had lots of bad blood with his former side, even being called Judas in the past, but this insistent reminder that is his go-to response goes on to show how one ought to behave.

Further, the situation seems to have been quelled, as Mourinho later revealed: “Sarri said he would solve the problem with his assistant internally, and he (Marco Ianni) then came to me and apologized and I said if he really meant it then okay, I accept.”

Some face saved at least?