Juventus 1-2 Manchester United: 5 Things We Learned

REUTERS/Stefano Rellandini

Late drama yet again in a Manchester United fixture, as the Red Devils continue their splendid record in Turin to win 2-1 against Juventus.

The Mancunian giants went down in the second half, as Cristiano Ronaldo’s sensational goal looked set to put Jose Mourinho’s side in a spot of great worry. However, rapid substitutions from the Portuguese gaffer ensured that a free-kick goal from Mata and a Sandro own-goal gifted United the victory.

The entire affair was late drama at its finest, as Mourinho did get involved in an interesting spar after full-time as well.

1. United Can Do It Against Big Teams

Much doubt was placed on the Red Devils’ ability to perform well against Europe’s finest, particularly given their somber showing against lesser English teams. However, this outing against Juventus showed just what the side is capable of.

Most importantly, the victory will be a testament of Mourinho’s tactical prowess against big teams, as the final two goals were undoubtedly a direct result of the gaffer bringing on Mata and Fellaini.

All in all, this puts things into great perspective if and when the Mancunians progress into the next stages of the UCL. Don’t write them off yet?

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2. Another Comeback

Fergie time is rapidly becoming Jose time, as United were able to stage yet another brilliant comeback. Their 2-0 victory against Everton is the only game in recent memory when they didn’t leave affairs to late drama.

Even though this time they were only able to return from a single goal down unlike some of their earlier antics, against a team like Juventus, that more or less translates into a runaway victory.

Besides, save a few minutes here or there, the game was practically identical to their showing against Bournemouth. Despite that brilliant Ronaldo goal, Juventus will also be quite perturbed about the two occasions where they hit the woodwork during the fixture.

The story of the season seems to have been written, and now, it may be the opposition that has to worry every time they score one against United.

3. Ronaldo Opens His Account

Had Mourinho’s lads not stolen the show in the last minutes, the headlines would have certainly proclaimed how Ronaldo finally scored a UCL goal in a Juventus jersey. Statistic aside, the sheer beauty of the goal is also worthy of many laurels.

All in all, United may have been the perfect side for Ronaldo to begin his European scoring against, and the Old Lady will certainly be fancying their chances now.

However, even though the result has no huge bearing on their qualification, the loss will be a considerable dent in their hopes for a clean run to the big trophy, for these two goals were the first time that they have conceded in European football this season.

4. Lindelof: From Flawed Defender To Saving Grace At the Back?

REUTERS/Stefano Rellandini

Victor Lindelof was initially the butt-end of numerous jokes at United. The expensive signing had single-handedly committed mistakes that had cost the side numerous points last season. It was his shakiness at the back that had furthered the club’s need for a leader in the heart of their defense.

However, the Swede has been brilliant so far this season, and in Turin, his efforts were instrumental in the Red Devils conceding only one goal. They still have problems at the back, but in Lindelof, they may have found some much-needed respite and quality.


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5. Next Stop: Etihad

Manchester United are certainly having a much better away week than they were expecting. Following the late win against Bournemouth from the weekend, this victory against Juventus will be accepted jubilantly by supporters.

The momentum from these two games, and particularly from defeating the Champions League favorites, will all work brilliantly for the Red Devils when they come face to face with Manchester City on Sunday.

This will be a great Manchester derby to witness, as a side fresh from a brilliant shot of confidence will face off against an unbeaten team that has scored a cumulative 10 goals in just their last two games.

Definitely a derby that can’t be missed, and one that will have to be followed until the last second given United’s present antics.