What Happened Between Mourinho And Bonucci After Late Victory

REUTERS/Stefano Rellandini

Manchester United have done it again. They can add Wednesday’s brilliant comeback from 0-1 down to 2-1 up within the last 10 minutes to their long list of famous outings in Turin.

The victory was a brilliant showing from the Red Devils, who certainly caught the Old Lady off guard, as many supporters of the Italian giants certainly would have thought that Ronaldo’s marvelous goal and their impeccable defensive record in Europe would be enough to secure three points.

However, that was not to be, as a late free-kick goal from Mata and Sandro’s own-goal sealed their fate. Riled up on emotions, Jose Mourinho did something incredible in celebration.

Mourinho had already made headlines against Juventus when the two sides had faced off at Old Trafford two weeks ago.


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On that day, a freshly defeated Mourinho had raised three fingers in response to taunting away fans to indicate his past brilliance in Italy.

On Wednesday, he did one better, as no sooner had the final whistle been blown, the Portuguese tactician rushed onto the pitch and cupped his hands to his ears, clearly mocking the home fans for their insult from a fortnight ago.


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Bonucci actually attempted to stop Mourinho (like Valdes after Barcelona vs Inter), which resulted in a brief scuffle. In the end, the gaffer had to be escorted towards the tunnel by the staff in order to avoid escalation of the matter.

While it will be interesting to see whether Mourinho suffers any repercussions for his actions, this move is certainly an interesting one from the Manchester United boss.

Given how he responded to a Chelsea mocking from last month, this move is cheeky, to say the least. Then again, one can’t exactly blame the gaffer either, given how his side had engineered a comeback that no one saw coming. Perhaps he simply couldn’t help himself.