Ryan Giggs Makes Brilliant Point About ‘How Bad’ Romelu Lukaku Is

Reuters/Carl Recine

Liverpool 3-1 Manchester United – a scoreline no Red Devil will wish to see, and the sort of result they haven’t seen in quite a while. However, Sunday changed all of that and a horrible sight awaited earnest United fans.

Jose Mourinho’s side were first brought down by a Sadio Mane goal, resulting from a blistering starting spell by Liverpool. Some hope was injected into the Red Devils when Jesse Lingard was able to capitalize on a rare Alisson mistake to make it 1-1.

However, the second half removed all hope from the side, when substitute Shaqiri netted two lucky goals to seal the game in favor of the Reds, who now top the Premier League table, still undefeated.

It wasn’t that the lads didn’t perform during the game, there were some interesting moments, but the sheer brilliance of Liverpool simply outdid it all. Now, one Manchester United player has received extra criticism for his showing.


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Ryan Giggs was utterly disappointed with the manner in which Romelu Lukaku had performed in just the first half.

Speaking during the break, Giggs stated the following about the Belgian striker: “We used to have centre-forwards like [Eric] Cantona who would turn bad balls into good balls. Now we have centre-forwards like Lukaku who turn good balls into bad balls.”


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That’s quite a scathing comment from the Manchester United legend but it is nevertheless one that has an unfortunate edge of truth to it.

Despite recovering from his awful goal drought a few games back, Lukaku has still failed to do anything convincing for the Red Devils and this loss further highlights his overall poor season.

What makes matters worse is even the rather inconsequential mid-week defeat to Valencia will take on an awful shade due to his loss to their Merseyside rivals. How will Mourinho leap back from this, if at all?