Fellaini Knocked Out Steward Off His Chair With Disastrous Shot vs Liverpool

Reuters/Lee Smith

Manchester United endured a hopeless show at Anfield to lose 1-3 against table-toppers Liverpool in the Premier League.

Xherdan Shaqiri’s two quick goals in the second half saw the Reds take all three points.

Throughout the match we had many moments that showed how poor United were. The midfield in particular was out of shape and lacklustre.

And in one moment Belgian midfielder Marouane Fellaini summed up the show of the side.

With the game approaching the 84th minute, the tall versatile player received the ball on his chest inside the box and there was a scoring opportunity.

But the former Everton player miscued the shot instead and it went high and wayward. What the ball did though was, it hit a steward on the corner of the field, who fell down after making contact.

Fans noticed the same and Fellaini was trolled on Twitter for his embarassing shot.

United are 6th in the table and it looks like Jose Mourinho’s men will miss out on top four this season, with the gap that has opened up between them and the rest. Jose’s side has failed big time and the all-round show from players have been thoroughly disappointing.

The confidence of players are lacking and Fellaini’s shot was a prime example of that.