8 Things That Will Happen After Jose Mourinho’s Sacking At United

REUTERS/Stefano Rellandini

Jose Mourinho’s third-season curse continues as Manchester United sacked the Portuguese gaffer on Tuesday. The final blow for Mourinho arrived after a disappointing 3-1 loss to Liverpool on Sunday.

This goes on to show just how poor United have been doing this season, with the side poised closer to the relegation zone than to Liverpool who sit atop the table.

As of now, a club statement has revealed that a caretaker manager will be appointed until the end of the season after which a well-researched recruit will take over. Regardless, the sacking of a man of Mourinho’s caliber has its domino effects and let us look at a few:


1. A Change in Club Structure

Reports are strongly indicating that United will finally undergo a change in club structure that several other European giants have identified as the way to go forward.

Under this, the Old Trafford outfit will appoint a director of football who will preside over the manager, with the latter fulfilling a role that will be akin to a head coach. This will be an interesting change for United who have long relied on managers with a personality and transfer philosophy of their own to guide the club forward.


2. Pogba and Martial Redeemed?

With Mourinho gone, a big factor of the Pogba saga will sit healed. The Frenchman’s spat and fallout with the Portuguese tactician was clearly a cause during the build-up of Mourinho’s sacking and hopefully, the rapport issues with the former Juventus star will be in the past.

Similarly, whoever the new gaffer is will likely identify and gift the potential in Anthony Martial which Mourinho had left largely ambiguous.


3. No Big Signings In January

With Mourinho gone and the club making it clear that a full-time replacement will only take reigns in the summer, it is highly unlikely that the club will spend big, if at all, in the winter window.

This is more to do with the fact the caretaker manager won’t be assured of the job in the summer and as of such big funds won’t be required by him. Besides, a more comprehensive summer overhaul is certainly on the cards if a new gaffer is on the way and as of such those marquee transfers could be left for then.


4. Mourinho’s Favourites Suffer

What the former Real Madrid and Chelsea manager has left in the wake of his sacking is a handful of players whose sole role was fulfilling his fancy. The likes of Ashley Young, Marouane Fellaini, and Nemanja Matic were deployed mainly by Mourinho in specifically tailored roles and it is easy to see why they may not necessarily fit into the plans of a new gaffer.

Besides, given their age, it isn’t incredible to think that they’ll shortly be phased out by younger talents, given the importance of the positions they occupy.


5. Hard Time From Levy

With Mauricio Pochettino being linked to the top spot at Old Trafford, the side will yet again have to endure the arduous task that is negotiation with Tottenham’s chairman Daniel Levy.

The difficulty of negotiating with Levy was outlined well by Sir Alex Ferguson who recounted the following: “Daniel Levy, chairman of Tottenham, nailed us to the flagpole in 2008 when he took us all the way to the last day of the transfer window before agreeing terms for Dimitar Berbatov. We were up until midnight signing and faxing papers to make sure all the paperwork went through before the deadline expired. That whole experience was more painful than my hip replacement.”

How much harder will it be for United to try and pry away Levy’s star gaffer?


6. Mourinho To Real Madrid

The Independent has made a strong claim about Mourinho’s immediate future, suggesting that a second stint at Real Madrid could be on the cards for the Portuguese gaffer.

The report stated that Mourinho is still on the good books of President Florentino Perez and is viewed as the perfect man to guide Madrid through a transitional overhaul. Perez wishes to see a massive revamp at the Bernabeu, whose roster is rapidly facing the problem of aging stars.

As of such, the feuds that Mourinho had with the likes of Ramos and Marcelo, leading to his first exit, could not be a factor at all in the view of a potential return as those stars could be sold soon.


7. Great News for Youngsters

The academy prospects of Manchester United can heave a sigh of relief at Mourinho’s departure. Reports suggest that the gaffer’s failure at aptly nurturing the club’s young talent was among the factors that led to his ousting.

As of such, it seems likely that whoever the side appoints hereon will adhere strictly to their traditional policy of developing youngsters into club legends. Hence, breakthrough stars like Mason Greenwood, Angel Gomes, and Tahith Chong could all have massive roles to play soon.


8. The Old Guard Returns

With 1999 Champions League final hero Ole Gunnar Solskjær returning for the role of caretaker manager at Old Trafford, an intriguing theme could be underway.

Reports have also claimed that Patrice Evra could play a role in the new team that is to be formed and the possibility of a Director of Football-styled approach brings in the hope that a former club legend could be at the reigns yet again. If nothing else, some familiar additions could be made to the coaching staff.

Will the Theatre of Dreams see its favored stars take up a new role?