MOURINHO SACKED: 5 Managers Who Can Replace Him At United

REUTERS/Heino Kalis

Jose Mourinho’s troubling tryst with Manchester United came to an end on Tuesday when he was sacked.

In a club statement, it was revealed that the Old Trafford outfit will hire a caretaker manager until the end of this season, during which comprehensive hunt for an apt successor will take place. Let us have a look at the gaffers that can potentially receive this role:


1. Laurent Blanc

The former PSG gaffer has been largely touted to be a possible replacement. A former player of the club as well as having loads of experience, it is easy to see why he may be an obvious choice. Further, the French touch will be a great one given the Pogba and Martial situation.

More importantly, what Blanc will also bring to the table is the trait of a gaffer who will pay heed to his board with regard to transfer decisions. Given the nature of Mourinho’s sacking, it is becoming clear that this is a requirement that is valued highly.


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2. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

An old name that has newly emerged in contention after the sacking of Mourinho. Even though he carries with him the burden of being a relatively new gaffer, with spells only with Cardiff City and Molde, the romance of the deal alone is something to think about. There is no denying that while a successful manager would make great strides at United, bringing back a name that Old Trafford fell in love with is arguably the best choice if the Theatre of Dreams is to be placated after the Mourinho debacle.

A likely scenario is that the club legend ought to be hired as a caretaker manager, to begin with, and based on his success a more permanent role could be carved for him at the club.


3. Eddie Howe

Arguably the perfect man for the job, given how the top spot will open up by next season. There is of course no denying the obvious shortcoming that he isn’t exactly a ‘big-name’ manager and thus won’t easily attract high-octane talent. However, this may not be required under a United that is likely to return to its roots. Paired with an able Director of Football, Howe’s ability to nurture young players and not relying on transfers alone will be best suited for the side going forward.

Although leaving Bournemouth will be a tough call to make, there’s no denying the appeal of a club like United.


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4. Mauricio Pochettino

The Spurs gaffer has been another long-linked name with the side. He has been showing tremendous brilliance with the London side and is increasingly becoming a manager that top teams have begun to dread. Perhaps it is this precise factor that United desperately need at the helm.

Moreover, he carries with him a unique tactical style, one that has proven effective across the table in England when employed at Spurs. Alas, the same cannot be said of what has been happening at Old Trafford. However, it will be interesting to see if Tottenham release him.


5. Zinedine Zidane

The manager that fans will strongly be hoping for. Success under the Frenchman seems imminent and the first whispers of Mourinho departing had occurred due to the former Real Madrid boss being linked with the job in the first place. Can the higher-ups at Old Trafford rope him in?

There is, of course, the woe of the report that claimed that Zidane isn’t interested in Manchester United in particular and the Premier League in general, with a team like Juventus allegedly suited to the gaffer’s taste. However, things do change with time and the immediate spot that has opened up could tempt the relatively young yet immensely successful manager for an Old Trafford challenge.