Man United Will Fine Paul Pogba For What He Did After Mourinho’s Sacking

REUTERS/Phil Noble

Jose Mourinho leaving Manchester United is expected to have a massive impact on the future of Paul Pogba.

Even as the whole player-manager fallout saga was developing, it was being speculated that Mourinho may not emerge from it unscathed. Sure enough, at the height of their disagreement, with Pogba being left unused on the bench quite frequently, Jose was given the sack.

That is not to say that the Frenchman alone is responsible for the manner in which Mourinho was axed, but a massive contributing factor is not to be denied.

Moments after the club announced Mourinho’s sacking, Pogba’s Twitter handle posted a photo of the midfielder smirking, the tweet reading ‘Caption this’.


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In view of the events that were unfolding, the move was viewed as one in poor taste. Since deleted, Adidas later revealed the tweet to be a pre-scheduled one, as a part of a new marketing campaign.

However, despite this, there may still be repercussions for the Frenchman. As per the Daily Mail, Pogba is set to be fined by the club for his ‘disrespectful action’, relating to the tweet.


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This is certainly an odd move on part of the club, in view of the Adidas explanation behind the tweet, with a fine coming across as too harsh for an act that almost certainly was an unlucky coincidence.

Further, it is interesting to note just how big of a mistake this may be on part of the club, as Mourinho leaving isn’t necessarily a complete siphoning away of Pogba’s displeasure at Old Trafford. Will this alleged fine sour relationships even further?

For what it’s worth, Pogba may be in for a treat under United’s newly appointed caretaker manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who has in the past commented that the best way for the Red Devils to function is to have their team built around the prolific Frenchman.