What Ander Herrera Said About Jose Mourinho Before Leaving Manchester United

Ander Herrera and manager Jose Mourinho at the end of the match.

Reuters / Russell Cheyne

Manchester United’s season may have just been a fine example of how hope is a fickle feeling. The club started off an awful footing, with Jose Mourinho being unable to steer them back to the second-placed success of the previous campaign.

Allegations of lack of rapport with the players broke out as well, all culminating with a loss to Liverpool and his sacking in December.

When Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was hired, hope reigned supreme as the team kept winning, framing their best away form of all time. However, after the historic comeback against PSG, it was all downhill, with the Red Devils finishing the season in sixth position, precisely where Jose Mourinho left them.

Now Ander Herrera, who has left the club and will likely join PSG as a free agent, has opened up about what Jose Mourinho did and the Spaniard was in support of the Portuguese gaffer, stating (via manutd.com):


What Ander Herrera Said About Solskjaer Before Leaving Manchester United

“I have huge respect for Jose. He tried everything. The first season with him was quite successful. Then we were second and we had a lot of expectation for this season but it didn’t work. Not only because of him (but) because, I repeat, every player has responsibility.”

As for whether Solskjaer can taste success in the season to come, the midfielder states: “The club will need time, confidence and support. I am sure they will give it but the only thing I ask for them is time because this is not easy.”

He also commented on how the players ought to share the blame for what had occurred: “All of us. It’s not fair to blame others. When you have a bad season, 75 per cent is the responsibility of the players. It’s very easy when a manager is sacked to blame someone else, but it is the fault of every one of us. Every player in the dressing room has a responsibility for what has happened this season. We have done bad things.”