Ed Woodward Rejects Sir Alex Ferguson’s Advice On Man United Restructure

Man Utd executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward and Sir Alex Ferguson in the stadium before the match.

Reuters/John Sibley

Manchester United seem to be in dire times. The club’s lack of Champions League football for the upcoming season has really hurt their chances of signing top talent this summer and the situation is starkly different from the last time they were in a similar position.

All in all, it does appear that there is no rationale guiding the choices being made at the club with fans feeling that their club is penning its own demise. While it is common for the decisions of giants like United to come under criticism, the ones levied at Old Trafford do appear to be excess in all regards.

The club was expected to have appointed a Director of Football by now to oversee the transfer and recruitment process but that is yet to occur.

Recent reports had claimed that Ed Woodward would continue to oversee the transfer business at the club, a decision that came under heavy fire from the supporters.


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Now, Sky Sports reports that Ed Woodward has shot down Sir Alex Ferguson’s suggestion for a head of recruitment at United. It appears that the legendary gaffer had put forth the name of Leicester City’s former head of recruitment Steve Walsh for a similar role at Old Trafford.

The position would have seen Walsh oversee some of the structural changes being made at the club. With the Foxes, Walsh was instrumental in the development of the likes of N’Golo Kante and Riyad Mahrez and would have aided a similar change at United with regard to their talent scouting and development system.

However, Ed Woodward is averse to the notion of this consultant appointment and would instead prefer if a former United player filled the role.

While Sir Alex Ferguson’s last suggestion of David Moyes as his successor didn’t go too well either, it is a bit unfortunate that Ed Woodward may be in a position to override the suggestion of a tactical mastermind.