Manchester United Fan Starts Petition To Remove Young, Jones And Smalling From Club

Manchester United's Phil Jones and Chris Smalling (L) celebrate after the game.

Reuters / John Sibley

This may not be the best time to be a Manchester United fan. The illustrious club has had an awful time since Sir Alex Ferguson retired and they seem to be facing the brunt of numerous poor decisions.

Despite spending a ridiculous and unprecedented sum of money over ‘marquee’ signings, the side has had little to show in terms of actual development and will spend the upcoming season bereft of Champions League football.

The way in which they have been handling transfer decisions has particularly peeved the supporters with a large amount of frustration being held over the fact that the side still houses deadwood.

Their defense has been awful in the past years and one supporter of theirs has decided to take matters into their own hands.


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Starting a petition, one United fan is trying to get the club to sell Phil Jones, Chris Smalling, and Ashley Young. At the time of writing this article, the petition has already garnered over 4,500 signatures, inching all the more closer to the target of 5,000.

The description of the petition included the following: “If we want to be in the same conversation as the European elites such Barcelona and Real Madrid then we have to ask ourselves; What would Barcelona and Real Madrid do if they had players like Ashley Young, Phil Jones and Chris Smalling in their squad?Exactly. They would have them removed by any means necessary, even if it meant taking a financial hit.”

While it is unlikely that this petition will make a solid difference in the club’s transfer approach, it is quite telling of the general mood surrounding the Old Trafford outfit.