Ronaldo Told Dybala He Must Join Man United In WhatsApp Chat

REUTERS/Hannah McKay

Paulo Dybala’s potential move to Manchester United still remains at large. The blockbuster deal is likely to be delayed until deadline day as the two parties sit in extended negotiations.

Past reports have claimed that while the clubs have agreed ‘in principle’ to Romelu Lukaku heading to the Old Lady, it is the Dybala factor that remains to be seen.

In that regard, the Argentine striker may have just received strong words of advice from a powerful voice.


What Solskjaer Has Told Dybala About Transfer To United

According to the Daily Mail, Cristiano Ronaldo has expressly told Paulo Dybala to join Manchester United. The alleged advice was passed on in a Whatsapp group with the superstar forward urging his Juventus teammate to join the Red Devils if he intends to become a champion.

Ronaldo is supposed to be one of the most influential voices at the Serie A giants and it has been speculated that his advice may prove to be the decisive factor in Dybala choosing Old Trafford.

Other reports had also suggested that the forward was deeply displeased with the manner in which Maurizio Sarri had outright dismissed him from all plans whatsoever.


Patrice Evra Has Called Dybala To Convince Him To Join Man United

It is clear that Dybala would prefer to stay in Turin and pursue Champions League football, an attraction that the English side can’t provide him with.

Furthermore, it is believed that Dybala wants a massive paycheck in order to seal the move, with wage packages in excess of £9 million per year doing the rounds.

Negotiations are still going on part of United to attract the highly-talented 25-year-old as the club is more than willing to meet the forward’s wage demands.

It seems likely that Ed Woodward and company may find Dybala’s commercial appeal simply too good to say no to and the side may do their best to see that a deal is reached.