CLAMPED: Watch Declan Rice Get Pranked

The lighter moments of football are often missed amongst the chaos of transfer drama, on and off-field brawls and the general high octane nature of the game.

As of such, banter is often sidelined and pranks are reduced to social media quirks. Nevertheless, it is these moments that truly bring out the fun in the lives of the players.

Betway Football ensured that one such prank took place to hilarious consequences.

West Ham United’s Declan Rice thought that he was in for another routine promotional event playing FIFA 20. However, the England international couldn’t have dreamt that the entire set-up was to ensure that a bit of fun could be enjoyed at his expense.

When Rice discovered that his vehicle was on the verge clamped for parking without a permit, his reaction was certainly priceless.

Turns out that even football players are afflicted by the rule of the law and the Manchester United transfer target’s confused plight was quite typical.

The defensive midfielder certainly attempted to defend his position and is seen trying to negotiate with the ‘officer’ and make sense of the whole ordeal.

Things took a funnier turn when the warden recognized Rice and awkwardly came out as a fan of the Hammers. This was followed by more hilarious attempts at trying to get a selfie with the player and trying to get the defender to say hello to a mate of his.

Moments before the big reveal, Rice is seen in actual disbelief that his vehicle was about to get towed. However, the eventual reveal was one that the defender took in great sport and all expletives were forgotten.

In a fitting end to the whole prank, the lads did lineup for a photo and the requested selfie was granted at last.

Banter at its finest.