Herrera On Man Utd: “Football Was Not Considered The Most Important Thing”

Ander Herrera sat on the pitch.

Reuters / Jason Cairnduff

One of Manchester United’s heavily criticized summer moves was the decision to let go of Ander Herrera. The Spanish midfielder, who joined PSG, was one of the favorites at Old Trafford and many supporters still feel that his absence is affecting the present lot at the Mancunian outfit.

Herrera was undeniably an influential presence for the Red Devils, both in his performance on the pitch and the general attitude he held at the Premier League side.

However, now he has uttered a controversial assessment about his former club.

Speaking to French magazine So Foot (viaSportsWitness), Herrera revealed his life in France, stating: “I’m in a club that thinks only and exclusively about football. And I say it sincerely, huh, because sometimes, seen from the outside, PSG can have a glamorous side that can irritate some. But here, we sweat, we train, we work! When I arrive at the training centre, the physios, podiatrist and physical trainer are already at work… Football, football, football… Leonardo [PSG’s Sporting Director] is there every day.”


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The natural follow up to his statement was whether or not football was a priority at Manchester United, to which Herrera replied: “I was very happy at that incredible club. I am very grateful to the supporters. Frankly, I was immensely happy in Manchester, but at the club, there were times when I felt that football was not considered the most important thing.”

He didn’t state what the most important thing was, and when asked whether the commercial side was given more preference, he gave an interesting answer: “I will not say it. That does not come out of my mouth. I don’t know, but football was not the most important thing in Manchester. I do not want to compare, all I know is that here, I feel like I’m breathing football on all sides. And I like it.”

Is Herrera merely echoing what fans have been saying in the #GlazersOut movement for a long time now?