The Incredible Numbers Behind Ronaldo’s ‘Superhuman’ Goal

Juventus' Cristiano Ronaldo reacts.

REUTERS/Massimo Pinca

Juventus traveled to Sampdoria on Wednesday and secured a 2-1 win.

However, rather than the win itself, the world yet again shifted its attention towards Cristiano Ronaldo as he continues to amaze us. The Portuguese international scored a first-half winner to put his side 3 points ahead of second placed Inter on the Serie A table.

The goal was a sight to behold as it was a testament to Ronaldo’s inhuman athleticism. The forward scored a header that saw him leap an incredible 71cm off the ground, clocking his height at a whopping 256cm at the peak.

Not only did the former Real Madrid star manage to show world-class athleticism, he also managed to finish his chance – a chance only he could finish.

The five time Ballon d’Or winner stayed suspended in the air for about 1.5 seconds.

Sampdoria boss Claudio Ranieri summed up the wonder goal perfectly. Confessing that there is hardly anything that can be done to stop such a great player and goal.

“Ronaldo did something that you see in the NBA (National Basketball Association), he was up in the air for an hour and a half,” Ranieri said.

“There’s nothing you can say about it, you can only congratulate him and move on.”

The mercurial forward has always showed great physical prowess since he starting playing at the top level. But to do that and consistently keep the momentum going at the age of 34 just shows what a freak of nature Ronaldo is.