Ronaldo Hilariously Shakes Hands With ‘Invisible Fans’ Before Serie A Match In Empty Stadium

Juventus' Cristiano Ronaldo takes a selfie as stewards apprehend a pitch invader after the match.

REUTERS/Hannah McKay

Now there is no doubt that Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the finest players in world football and multiple arguments can be made as to how he may even be the best player to have graced a football pitch.

When the Portuguese superstar left Real Madrid for Juventus, the sighs were made and several felt that this would be the end of his reign at the top. However, with the Italian giants, Ronaldo has still managed to keep up the high-octane brilliance that he first aced at Manchester United.

The numbers are still incredible for the forward, who occasionally breaks yet another record.

As such, he is easily one of those players who can do absolutely anything.

Interestingly, a recent encounter may show that anything is well within the purview of Ronaldo after all.

Ahead of Juventus’ fixture against Inter Milan on Sunday, a clip of Ronaldo shaking ‘invisible’ hands has gone viral.

The frankly amusing clip shows Ronaldo exiting the team bus and then proceeding to ‘shake’ hands. The end of the clip can see him with a cheeky smile, all too aware of what he has done.

Italy has been at the latest level of threat in the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, with the European nation reporting the largest number of deaths and infected cases outside of mainland China since the outbreak of the virus late last year.

As such, football games have been hit hard with many fixtures being postponed or being played behind closed doors in an attempt to limit exposure, with the Juventus-Inter game one amongst them.

Players not shaking hands prior to kick-off has been one such effect of the measures being taken and it is entirely possible that Ronaldo was commenting on the same with such a gesture.  Interestingly, the game in question is Ronaldo’s 1000th first-team appearance.

Given the gravity of the crisis, fans would certainly be pleased to know that invisible hands are the only thing that their favorite superstar is getting in contact with.