Carragher: Guardiola Should Stop Playing Sterling Against Wan-Bissaka

Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville perform media duties before the match.

Reuters/Peter Cziborra

Manchester United under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer have embarked upon a strong run of games. They are now unbeaten in 10 consecutive games and the most recent 2-0 rout of Manchester City was an incredible feat all on its own.

Despite his shortcomings elsewhere, Solskjaer has maintained cogency against the big opponents all season long. His top-six record is impeccable and against Manchester City, the Norwegian has been a force to reckon with and has come out on top of Pep Guardiola three times out of four so far this campaign.

This is certainly a further blemish upon the former Barcelona gaffer whose season has not gone according to plan at all.

In fact, Guardiola ought to make use of the advice that Jamie Carragher furnished at Sky Sports regarding a vital personnel choice.

The former Liverpool defender opined: “It’s almost become a massive rivalry this – Raheem Sterling versus Aaron Wan-Bissaka. I actually think Pep has to think about what he can do next time given Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s record now in this fixture. Something he’s got to do is not put Sterling up against Wan-Bissaka.”


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He goes on to explain further: “It’s about using your brain. If you’re Guardiola, you’ve got to put Raheem on the other side. When you keep coming up against a manager and a team who keep beating you, you’ve got to come up with ways of doing things differently. Certainly in these games, Sterling has to go to the other side and Wan-Bissaka has to be given a different problem.”

The fact that Wan-Bissaka has successfully pocketed Sterling in the past and that Guardiola didn’t take this into account is certainly a valid point of criticism for the Sky Blues gaffer.

It will be interesting to see what different dynamics will be at play when the two sides next lock horns.