Reason Why Bruno Fernandes’ Teammates Are Comparing Him With James Milner

Porto's Diogo Dalot in action with Liverpool's James Milner.

REUTERS/Andrew Yates

Enough can’t be said about Bruno Fernandes. The Portuguese international has had an impeccable impact on Manchester United who appeared morose and directionless prior to his arrival.

While it is rare for a single new arrival to make this big of a difference, Fernandes has succeeded in doing just that and then some. This is blatantly evident in the manner in which supporters of the Red Devils have fallen head over heels in love with the attacking midfielder.

He certainly has the attitude and mentality to go along with his on-field antics and this has inspired an intriguing comparison.

According to the Sun, Manchester United players have been comparing the former Sporting star to Liverpool’s James Milner. It appears that Fernandes shares Milner’s no-nonsense attitude and particularly shared the latter’s immunity to the weather no matter the conditions.

An insider source from United allegedly revealed: “It’s been hammering it down at training, the wind was blowing sideways and the new guy from sunny Portugal’s putting most of the lads to shame. He’s another Milner, no messing about — he just gets out there whatever the weather. We’ve joked he’s already losing his tan!”

The source also claims that the 25-year-old intentionally refused attempts from the club’s kitmen to give him gloves and full-sleeved skins as he wishes to get accustomed to the weather immediately.


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This kind of mindset is fitting for a United player and if this comparison can go further and translate into the kind of success that Milner brought to Liverpool, all the more better.

However, there is still no denying that the Mancunian outfit, at minimum, require at least two more players of Fernandes’ caliber and mentality in order to start competing at the top yet again.

The difference he has made certainly ought to inspire the higher-ups at Old Trafford to open their pockets more often.