Which Two Premier League Teams Wanted Season To Be Cancelled

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp and Jose Mourinho before the match.

Reuters / Phil Noble

In order to bring under control the contagion of the novel coronavirus, Premier League have announced that every fixture has been suspended till April 3rd. The decision has however raised quite a lot of questions amongst the supporters, with the officials having claimed all suspended matches will be rescheduled.

As per the recent reports nonetheless, reporter Martin Lipton had posted on Twitter that a major share of clubs were in favour of the league being completed this season.

It was also further added by the journalist that two clubs were against the idea of waiting to finalise the campaign and voted for its cancellation instead.

Although it seemed pretty obvious that Liverpool weren’t in those names, at the time, it was unknown as of which the two clubs were that wished for the current campaign to be void.

Subsequently, Journalist Ewan MacKenna has revealed that the two clubs who voted for the cancellation of the season were; Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham.

Lipton had initially tweeted: “Vast majority of PL clubs believe season must be completed. Two clubs have asked for cancellation but that is not on agenda at this stage. Initial suspension through international break with hope if an April return but suspect May more likely. In truth, nobody knows.”

Ewan MacKenna then posted on Twitter: “West Ham and Tottenham want the Premier League season completely cancelled and rendered null and void. Is the right thing for the wrong reason still the right thing?”

In the English League table, Tottenham Hotspur are resting on the 8th position whereas West Ham on the 16th, with just the goal difference tally keeping them off the relegation zone.